POP’S Flavor of the Month Club


Love POP’S and want to get it, on the regular?  Join our Flavor of the Month Club!

Each month you’ll receive two bags of fresh, hand popped POP’s Kettle Corn.

We offer 3 month ($104), 6 month ($228), 9 month ($342) and 12 month ($456) options.  All prices include shipping.

Your Popcorn ships on the first of each month and your first order will ship on the first day of the month after your order is processed.

You’ll receive two bags per month and all bags range in size from 10 to 12 oz.

Flavor of the Month flavors are:

January: POP’S Famous Kettle Corn

February: Garlic Parmesan

March: French Toast

April: Chicago (caramel and cheddar mix)

May: Cajun

June: Strawberry

July: Margarita

August: Blueberry Muffin

September: Caramel Corn

October: Caramel Apple

November: Cheddar

December: White Gold

No added Preservatives.  Ingredients: Corn, corn oil, sugar and salt.  Product may include: spices and flavorings, candy, coloring, nuts, dairy/cheeses, unpopped kernels, and gluten.